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Hurrah! There seems to be light finally at the end of the tunnel and some of the restrictions are being lifted, with all the frustrations and fears that may still bring. This pandemic has been responsible for so many changes in our lives and in the world. We at YSF hope that you are keeping well and that although these are challenging times, we can come through the experience. We will continue to help ourselves and our supervisees cope with this strange and unsafe world which in turn helps and support their clients.

We are still operational and looking at our future programmes. We are thinking about how we can deliver them and will trial this at our Oct event in York whilst still retaining a zoom delivery until we can be sure of no further interruptions to daily life and travel.

Wishing you and your families good health.

UPDATE: Our October event will be in York and once again face to face, fingers and toes still being crossed. To this end we are looking at a ‘blended’ event allowing participants to come in person or via Zoom. You can choose how you attend. This will be the first time we’ve done this, and we have some issues to sort out to achieve this, eg technology and constant wifi. However, we do want to make our events as inclusive as possible and to embrace the opportunities that CPD via Zoom offers us.

As always at YSF our membership is our most important consideration and we do listen to your input and modify our delivery to make it the best we can for you.

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Yorkshire Supervisors' Forum

Yorkshire Supervisors Forum has been going now for over 13 years.

We are a voluntary organisation and a forum for (mainly) Yorkshire supervisors of counsellors and psychotherapists although we are open to supervisors from outside the area. We are based in Yorkshire and we meet three times a year either in Leeds or York to provide training workshops, support and opportunities for reflection on our supervision practice. To our knowledge we are the only group of supervisors like this in the UK, being very much a grassroots group.

We are a peer led networking group, completely voluntary and non-profit making and we depend on the generosity of the group to offer their time free of charge to organise events or to run them. We have a small committee which discusses and makes decisions about our programme.

Our members come from a wide variety of modalities and supervise counsellors and psychotherapists in a wide range of settings. Each meeting consists of a workshop, followed by lunch where we can all network. Sometimes workshops are led by forum members, and sometimes we call on outside speakers. For a flavour of the workshops and topics that we have provided in the past in our forum then please click on "past events" on the menu bar and you will see that our workshops have a variety of subjects around areas of interest to supervisors in counselling and psychotherapy.

Our next event Oct 2nd Creative supervision in York, hopefully.

Creative Supervision, presented by Alison Gilmour, uses a variety of arts based or action methods and techniques to explore client material, therapeutic relationships and interventions from a different perspective. It can be a powerful way of connecting with client material, understanding the relationship dynamics at play within the therapeutic work, the system or organisation and reinvigorating therapeutic practice.

This workshop introduces the concept of working with a combination of two supervision models; Creative Supervision (Anna Chesner, Mooli Lahad ) and the 7 eyed model (Hawkins and Shohet).

Alison is a dramatherapist, psychotherapist and supervisor with many years of experience in providing supervision and offering individual and group therapy to a wide range of adults and young people. She has worked within the NHS, private practice and the voluntary sector. Alison lives in Harrogate, is a long standing member of the Yorkshire Supervisors' Forum and has a passion for bringing creativity into the counselling room, supervision space and life in general.

This workshop is interactive and is best experienced face to face. We are limiting the numbers of face to face participants to 20 so that we have plenty of space to socially distance from each other. We also appreciate some of us may prefer to attend via Zoom and this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the workshop from your own home. If this is the case with you, we will endeavour to make your Zoom experience the best we can but for obvious reasons, it cannot be identical to the live event. Please advise us when you book whether you intend to come face to face or via Zoom.

Where do we meet?

We hold meetings within walking distance of either Leeds or York stations, so the locations are easily accessible. Yorkshire is a large county and we have members not only from all over Yorkshire but also further afield across the UK, so access is an issue we take seriously.

Events run from 10-1pm, followed by lunch. An important part of the day is networking with other supervisors, which can be especially valued by those of us who work in private supervision practice or who are otherwise isolated in their organisational working practice.

Do join us, and remember, we do not confine membership to Yorkshire supervisors. All supervisors are welcome.

How much does it cost?

The membership fee for the Yorkshire Supervisors’ Forum is £20 per year and our workshops cost £20 for members of the Forum and £35 for non-members. This fee is for the three-hour training session and lunch. The time counts toward CPD hours and we will provide you with an attendance certificate.

Please feel free to get in touch.

If you are a counsellor or psychotherapist and also a supervisor, anywhere in the UK, we would love to meet you. You are also welcome if you are on a supervision training course. Please contact us via this website to be put on our mailing list and you will be automatically informed of the next meeting. If you would just like more information, please contact us via the web site. The current members have all found many benefits of being part of the Forum and we invite you to come along and experience this for yourself.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next meeting.


It looks as if all private psychotherapists, counsellors and supervisors will have to register with ICO (data protection) from May 2018. Further information is available from the ico.org.uk website .

Thoughts for delivering a topic at our workshops

If anyone has any ideas for future topics, within a supervision context, that they would like YSF to deliver, or knows of anyone who presents CPD from a supervision perspective, then please feel free to drop us a line. We are always open to new ideas, members and topics.

The cost for attending our workshops are: £35.00 for non-members. Members’ Concessionary Fee £20: lunch is included. For a booking form, please get in touch via the email facility in this website or email [email protected] The booking form needs to be completed and returned to the booking secretary along with the payment. Details are on the form. Payment can be made either by cheque or by on-line banking. Cheques should be made payable to Yorkshire Supervisors’ Forum. For on-line banking please transfer the full fee to Yorkshire Supervisors Forum, Sort code 40-27-15, account no 44254856. Please add your name and the reason for the payment as the reference.

Finally, please note that by filling in the booking form, you accept our terms and conditions. You can cancel your booking and receive a FULL refund any time up to 30 days before the event. After that, NO refund is possible and the full fee will be retained. This is because we have already committed to booking the accommodation and food for the event and are unable ourselves to change our financial obligations. Thank you.

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